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DSCPA HR portal

Dealing with all HR-related forms and documents is painful, however, a necessary part of a successful business. Many of our current clients expressed that they still use paper-&-pain to manage their HR department. It is time to upgrade. Like burning your arm on an old Bakers Pride oven (even though they baked an outstanding pizza), outdated HR practices will not be missed. This is why we decided to build out the DSCPA HR Portal. Built from the ground up with pizza franchisees in mind, we provide three distinct user-types:

HR Admin

HR Leadership deserves leadership access permissions. With a real-time tracker of all actions coordinated by HR Reps, the HR Admin user role will have their pulse on all the latest HR changes and updates.

HR Reps

Every well-ran HR department has a cohesive & unified team. Each HR Rep will have a unique log in with access to all expected features that an HR representative should need out of the gate.

DSCPA Accountants

We can automate a lot, but great service is something left to the DSCPA accountants. With read-only access, the team you know & love is ready to provide a comprehensive and integrated HR & payroll experience.

All Employees, All The Time

The main "Active Employees" view - this is the core view expected in any modern HR platform. Reasonably, this is the interface where all three user-types can quickly search, filter, & find any employee. Additionally, as seen by the large call-to-action button on the bottom-right, this is where an HR admin or HR reps can quickly add a new hire.

HR Administration

As mentioned above, every HR department has a leader, or an administrator, that holds heightened responsibilities. In order to keep the rest of the HR team accountable, we built-in an HR Administration dashboard *only* for HR Admins. Along with a quick dashboard overview of active employees, store locations, etc..., each HR Admin will have access to a list of "Recent Rep. Actions" that shows which HR Rep made what changes to which employees and when.

Digital File Cabinet

Our mission started with the goal of digitally replacing the file cabinet for pizza franchises. Therefore, a core part of value proposition is in how to digitally store important documents. We're aware that each franchise has different needs, so we take the time to personally on-board every new client - ensuring that all documents will be properly stored & saved.

now on-boarding clients

The DSCPA HR Portal is now privately live for select clients. Our goal is to build the pizza franchise HR standard, so we're taking our time to make sure we iron out all bugs & include all necessary features. If you'd like to discuss joining our beta program, please drop your email below & we'll reach out ASAP.

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